Music is alive. It’s a living, breathing organism you can feel. It can fill the room with romance just as easily as it can slap you out of a funk. It brings back the past and makes us hopeful for the future. 

Music does so much more than entertain us: it inspires, it comforts, it heals.

Are you ready to take the plunge?  If you’re an artist with an idea, contact us and make this idea a reality!

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It’s alive!

The one-stop-shop for the modern Indian musician.

It’s difficult to put what we do into words – because we do everything.

Desi Music Entertainment is a California-based startup that focuses specifically on the Indian independent music scene, and acts like your producer: you come to us with a song idea and we work together to create great audio/video content. We then distribute that content internationally to all digital music stores and to our DME video channels.  We even reach out to music blogs and radio stations on your behalf. Our goal is to expose Indian communities across the planet to Great. Indian. Content.

We call this process: incubation.  Releasing music takes a lot of planning, strategy, 3rd party perspective, equipment, vision, analysis, and calculated execution for every part of the process – and we take on that responsibility for you. Because really, your job should be to do what you love doing, and let other people take care of the boring stuff.  You provide the talent & budget.  We do all the work.  We put it out there, and split whatever we make 50/50.

Our teams are made up of people who have worked extensively in the music and film industries – we know how to work with your idea and take it to the next level.  We are also working musicians and videographers ourselves so we know what it takes and how scary it is to put yourself out there.  Don’t worry – we will make this process relaxed, easy, and fun. Watch our explainer video for more info:

If you have talent, we want to produce you.

Show people what you can do.

Tell us your dream. 

Get Incubated.

Welcome to Desi Music Entertainment.



You come to us

with the song


After approval, we expand on your idea based on your budget & our resources and experience.

We produce you.

We coordinate and execute audio & video production

Post-production audio: your track is mixed and mastered

Then while you’re chillin’...

Post-production video: your video is edited, colored & mastered

We generate promotional materials like coming soon posters & album art

We send you 3 drafts for feedback. The third adjustment is the final version.


on digital audio stores and video platforms. We reach out to blogs and radio too!

We promote your content like rabid monkeys.

Every 6 months, we will direct deposit any money you’ve made directly  into your account or through Google Wallet.



Details & price

who we are and why we do what we do.

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Listen and watch.


the music

Take me to the music.

Employment Opportunities

Are you a freelance music or video specialist looking for work? We are currently hiring! Please fill out this form if you are one of the following:


Recording Engineer

Melodyne Engineer

Mixing Engineer

Mastering Specialist




Script Writer

Storyboard Artist


Director or Assistant Director

Shoot Assistant

Post-Production Editor

Color Correction Editor

The ARTIST'S label for the modern Indian artist.